I learned the love of stone and fossils from my parents. I grew up in central Iowa where Sunday afternoons would find us on some creek bed looking for fossils and other beautiful rocks in Madison County. I come from a long line of artists so it’s no surprise in my early adult years I would find different ways to express my artistic side including: cooking, sewing, stained glass and various challenging arts and crafts.

I became a health and physical education teacher because of my love for exercise and health. I taught for 24 years and just retired in June 2014. Along the way, I ran 22 marathons, including the Boston Marathon. Twice I finished Boarder to Boarder where a team of 3 women ran, biked and canoed from the Southern to the Northern border of Minnesota in 4 days.

These days, I am happy to run, bike occasionally and take boot camp classes 4-5 times per week. But teaching didn’t provide the artistic fulfillment that I needed. In the late 1990’s, I asked a jeweler who had fabricated a ring for me if I could clean his store in exchange for learning metal-smithing. While he didn’t have a position, he sent me to a friend who did. There, I was hired on as a part-time salesperson in a store that not only made custom jewelry, but gave jewelry classes on a variety of jewelry methods.

This is a unique store that sells faceted stones, cabochons, jewelry supplies and books. At last, a place where I could fuel my creative side! 18 years later I am still at the store part-time and still taking classes to further develop my skills in the art of jewelry making.

Actually, while taking a class in the winter of 2015, I learned a technique that led me to the development of my Pastiche Collection. I am still finding ways to express this line with new elements and pushing the technique to bring out all the artistic dimensions hiding in the metal and stones.

Finally, I cannot finish my journey page without mentioning my most wonderful husband. Never has anyone had a more supportive spouse, who works tirelessly to help me be successful.

Thank you my Love, I couldn’t have done this without you.