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Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli also known as “blue stone,” has a long and interesting history.  This gemstone, discovered in the Hindu-Kush Mountains of Afghanistan over 6,000 year ago, still holds allure today.  Lapis Lazuli, otherwise known as lapis were first seen as beads in these ancient settings.  However, you probably have seen pictures the funeral mask of […]

August Birthstones

birthstones for august

Yes that’s right, August Birthstones.  You probably only believed there was one, the famed peridot.  However, according to the American Gem Society, the original birthstone for August was sardonyx, then came along peridot.  Finally, in 2016, Spinel was the last stone join the group.  Think about it, with so many colors to choose from, an […]

Emeralds 101


Emeralds 101 is designed to give you a quick study on a fascinating stone.  In this day and age, less is more.  The same is true for gathering information, no matter what the topic.  However, if you are planning on an Emerald purchase, some education is helpful.  Thus, Emeralds 101. Mineral Class First of all, […]

Diamonds, April’s Masterpiece


Diamonds, April’s Masterpiece. This gemstone has captured our attention for centuries.   Diamonds are the ultimate token of love.  They also symbolize strength and durability.  It is an established fact that diamonds are the hardest mineral on earth.  The only thing to scratch a diamond is another diamond, thus demonstrating its durability.  However, we need to […]